Heading To BRM3G

We are on our way to Rockcastle Shooting Center for the second time this month for what should be our last trip of the year. We are hauling the trailer full of steel and will be set up on our stage with lots of things set up for you to look at and play with.  Everything we are taking is for sale and listed below.

  • (3) Magstar
  • Hexstar
  • Mini Magstar
  • Double Helix Magstar
  • Double Mini Magstar
  • Six Target Dueling Tree
  • Six Target Armored Dueling Tree
  • (4) AC Zone - 2 x 4 Base
  • (4) 66% - 2 x 4 Base
  • (2) Pistol Hostage Targets
  • Precision Sniper Target
  • Real Man Hostage Target
  • (2) Reduced Real Man Targets
  • 12" Standard Plate Rack
  • (2) 12" Steel Challenge Targets
  • (4) A- Zone Targets - 2 x 4 Base
  • Various AR500 Mini Hitches
  • 2ft Clay Stands
  • Swinger Target
  • Various Popper Targets

Stop by and check us out when you are at our stage this week.  This is your best time to take home some of the best steel in the industry at a great price and save on the shipping at the same time.