Mini Magstar Testing

So we ran down to Nelson Va yesterday to break in the new Mini Magstar and Double  Mini Magstar. They both worked just as we expected them to.  The Mini Magstar is just a scaled down version of the Standard Magstar with 6" target plates instead of 8".  The 8" plates will fit on it sine we use the same key and will most likely make it turn much faster when activated but we wanted something more challenging and different.

The Double Mini Magstar is just two Minis on the same Double Helix post and cross arm.  The DMM actually activates and turns faster than the Double Helix. Probably because the 5 arms vs the 3 arms allows it to unbalance easier. 

Mini Magstar

Both targets were shot with 9mm, .40 and .45 from 10 yards all the way back to 25 yards.  I can tell you that at 25 yards those 6" plates get real small real fast.  

Both targets use the same key and 82lb rare earth magnet to hold the target plates in so you arent dealing with springs that wear out quickly or give freebies when you shoot the face of the target. Reset is quick and easy and the face and arms are all 3/8" AR550 just like the standard Magstar.