Shadow Hawk Defense

There's a new USPSA club in town out at Shadow Hawk Defense in Hedgesville WV.  They held their inaugural USPSA match this weekend and Id say it was a huge success.  They had over 90 shooters show up to compete over 6 stages. They have a great facility out there with bays to support concurrent shooting. Great parking area, they had food vendors on site for the match, ez- ups for shade on each stage and 

Looks like they will be having a monthly USPSA match the second weekend of each month and there is even talk of adding a all falling steel match to the calendar as well. 


Shadow Hawk Defense

If youre looking for another place to do some shooting check this place out.  Lynn and Randy are poised to be one of the top shooting spots in the area.  

Randy and I would like to say thank you to those who participated in the inaugural USPSA match at Shadow Hawk Defense. We appreciate that you gave our new facility, and first event, a chance. The feedback was very complimentary and we’d like to acknowledge the great job done by Jerry Weiscarver and his support crew. Some constructive feedback was received as well and we’re work on improving.
USPSA events will continue to be held the second Saturday of each month, weather permitting. If you’d like your email address added to our mailing list, let us know; send your name and email to: 
Warm regards,
Lynn Kasic & Randy Weekley