Red Stitch Targets Ultimate Outlaw Steel Match

Registration is now open for the Red Stitch Ultimate Outlaw Steel Match at Shadow Hawk Defense. Stages are just about complete and it looks like we will have right around $40k worth of steel we are taking up to the match. Mark your calendars and get signed up now.

The match is a one day format of 10 stages of all falling steel. We are holding it at Shadow Hawk Defense in Glengary WV from 20-22 July

On a side note, every thing we bring to the match will be for sale at 40% off the list price at the conclusion of the match. That price is good for anything picked up from the match. If you need it shipped, we can do that too but the cost will be on you ;) We will post a roster of everything available as the match gets closer. No holding anything for anyone, first to pay takes it.