Texas 3 Gun Championship

     We traveled 1600 miles each way starting out in a massive blizzard that had us moving at a snails pace for the first 8 hours. 18 mph in whiteout conditions at 0300 is no fun. Eventually we made it to Texas, got the canopy set up and broke out the camera.  We took over 7000 pictures of shooters running through stages and hitting some steel. 

     I cant speak to this from a shooters perspective but from a sponsors point of view, this is the best match I am involved with hands down. Brian, Kurt and Aaron are all truly invested in the success of this event for everyone from the shooter to the sponsor to the facility. This is easily the most professionally run and rewarding match I commit resources to each year not only from a business exposure aspect but just the atmosphere of the day to day operations of this event are on point. The marketing and sponsorship interaction that Garrison employs truly sets this match apart from any other event in this industry in my opinion. In short, these guys have built a model for how a major match should be run as a total package. I just wish this was the standard and not the exception.

Here are some of my favorite shots from the match.