Modular Competition Target System

*** Modular Competition Target System ***

The Modular Competition Target System (MCTS) is the next big thing in reactive steel targets. Here at Red Stitch we like to keep things simple and we like to make things as interchangeable as possible. The new MCTS allows to you to add on to your target package just like an erector set. You can pick and choose the individual parts and build your own target or start off with one of our pre-designed target systems and add on from there as you want. All of the the components are still the same AR550 steel plate we use on all of our Magstar line, and we have incorporated the same magnetic retention system unique to Red Stitch Targets. What you will find is when you buy one target system you actually have several targets you can configure based on the skill sets you want to work on that day or the match you want to run it in that weekend.

Look for the new Modular Competition Target System in a Major match near you soon.  Available beginning August 2018