8 Plate Speed Rack

8 Plate Speed Rack


The 8 plate speed rack is built on the same platform as our 14" standard plate rack only we have added two more target plates and reduced the size from 8" round to 6" rounds.  So now you can train on smaller targets and go faster on the larger ones you'll face in a match.  That is until you see this rack in a match with even smaller plates. 

The front deflector is the same 3/8" AR550 plate so this rack is rifle ready just like all of our targets.  Uses the same feet, same legs and same target hinges. The point being, everything is interchangeable so if you really wanted to you could fit 8" target plates in here, the'd just be pretty close

Spacing is 10" on center which gives you 4" between targets with the 6"

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