Double Helix Magstar

Double Helix Magstar


The Double Helix Magstar has two tri-arms mounted to a 5/16” heavy angle iron crossbar that rotate individually as well as about the center pivot point. Pistols will never hurt the crossbar and the angle reduces the flat surface area deflecting impacts away from the shooter. Each tri-arm face is made of 3/8” AR550 steel and holds three 8" target plates.  We use a 82lb rare earth magnet instead of springs which are much more consistent and reliable. Springs wear out and loose strength relatively quickly and are inconsistent. It is well known you can shoot the center of a star face or the arms and get multiple plates to fall when using a spring mounted target plate. You wont get that with magnets. You must hit the plates for them to fall. They release cleaner and consistently and are much quicker and easier to reset. No more snapping your fingers on springs that don’t work well.

Weight - 175lbs assembled

Height - approx 72” when the cross arm is up.

All grade 8 hardware for long life. We do not use carriage bolts which are grade 5 or below and will stretch or break from being shot. Pistols will never hurt these bolts.

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The Double Helix Magstar is our next progression of the Magstar. Two independent three target arms rotate as plates are shot off while at the same time allowing the entire arm assembly to rotate 360 degrees as well.   Both Target arm assemblies are AR550 and us the same unique magnetic target mounting system as the Magstar and Steel Swinger. 

The entire target platform is so similar to the standard Magstar that target reset and function will be seemless as they use all common parts and design.