Hanging Plate Rack (Shorty)

Hanging Plate Rack (Shorty)

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We were asked to build a hanging plate rack for a customer and they also wanted a smaller two target version. They needed a removable and replaceable armored shield, as well as targets ranging in size from 2" to 10" as well as and armored leg for long life. Once we finished we continued to develop some extra add on features that will be available.

The standard two target hanging rack comes with a standard angle Iron leg the same as all of our plate racks and two 6" target plates as well as an integrated 3/8" AR550 armored shield. From there you can add the armored leg, a removable shield if you want and the 3 target auto reset poppers that bolt to the top of the rack. The auto poppers are 6" round.

Should be a good mid to long range target that requires no reset or put it in a bay at 15-25 yards for pistols and still no reset required.

  • Shown here with Optional AR550 Leg, Removable AR550 Shield and Bolt on Triple Popper.

Leg Armor:
Triple Popper:
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