The Magstar is our spin on the Texas Star created by Terry Ashton years ago.  We took a  great idea and made it better.  The face and arms are all 3/8" AR550 steel, and the 8" round target plates are keyed in using an 82lb rare earth magnet which releases cleaner and is much more reliable than springs. Springs wear out, lose their strength quickly and are inconsistent. It is well known you can shoot the center face or arms on spring mounted plates and get multiple plates to fall without ever having to hit an actual target. You wont get that with magnets. You must hit the target plates for them to fall

Height - Approx 65”

Weight - 135lbs assembled

1” Pillow Block Bearings

All grade 8 hardware for long life. These arent carriage bolts that will stretch and break from relatively short use. Pistols will never hurt these and they wont loosen up.

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