Reduced Reactive Real Man Target

Reduced Reactive Real Man Target


The Reduced Reactive Real Man Target is a scaled down version of the full target at 12"x19" with a reactive chest flapper target. Steel post and base included

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The Reactive Reduced Real Man Target uses the same "Reduced Real Man" silhouette target plate and adds a reactive chest plate. the main target plate and reactive flapper plate are both 1/2" AR500 so this is designed to hold up to larger calibers. The chest cutaway is 3"W x 3.75"H . The target itself still rests at a 15 degree forward angle like all of our target plates for safety and target life. We also use the same heavy angle iron steel post and tube steel base as we do in all of our steel post target systems.


  • 12"W x 19"H x 1/2" AR500 Target Plate
  • 3" x 3.75" Chest Cutaway with 1/2" AR500 Flapper Plate
  • Heavy Angle Iron Steel Post
  • Tube Steel base with Stake down holes in all corners