Red Stitch Targets is a Veteran Owned Small Business (VOSB) specializing in the design and manufacturing of rifle and pistol rated steel targets for Military, Law Enforcement and competition shooting. Using a common sense approach to design and fabrication we stand by our products quality and durability. 100% of our operation is done in house. We have the ability to make 100% of our products in house. That means we design all of our AR550 steel targets ourselves. We cut all the steel, do all the welding, punching, drilling, tapping and painting. The benefit of that is when you need something just a little different we can do that without charging you a bunch of extra money because we don't need to send it out to someone as a one off job. We do it ourselves.  Don't waste your time or money on gimmicks and middle men. 

Targets are all we do! We are not a manufacturing or fab shop that decided to add targets to our list of capabilities because it seemed trendy at the time. All of our targets have serious thought into how and why we make them a certain way. That's why what you see on our website is the actual end products, not some computer generated rendering that you generally see from a solely web based operation. Anything can be made to look good in computer CAD programs, we show you the end result. We also build our targets to stand up to years of abuse, thats why we use 3/8" AR550  on all our target faces. Rifle ready; all of them!