Customer Reviews and feedback

Best quality targets at the best price on the market, bar none! We assembled our first targets today of the steel challenge set we purchased right before Christmas and they are awesome! We will definitely be buying all of our targets from you now on. Thanks for a smooth transaction and great business.
— Casey Kubeck - Jan 2018
Picked up a Mini Magstar and knock down Targets at Blue Ridge in October. I am very pleased with the high degree of craftsmanship these products have to offer. Easy to set up and reset. They are durable, and at a great price point. The Mini Magstar is the best design I have seen on the market today. Thanks Red Stitch Targets for a superb product.
— David Ramales - BRM3G 2017
Darin Morrell and Red Stitch Targets stand alone when it comes to quality, craftsmanship, affordability, and customer service. This company pours so much support into the shooting community and they are just about the nicest guys you could meet. Do yourself a favor and place your next order of targets with Red Stitch!
— Benjamin Jirasek - BRM3G 2017
Highly recommend this company for your shooting needs! Great steel to throw lead down range at and wonderful customer service! By far one of my favorite target companies out there! If you haven’t shot one, you’re missing out! If you haven’t got one, then what you waiting for!?
— Brittney Anderson - A Girl and A Gun 2017
Fantastic targets! We use them at our club for monthly steel plate shoots that average 60-80 shooters. They hold up with NO maintenance through 5 months. Double Helix is fantastic and the “star” of our shoot!
Can’t say enough about Red Stitch and Darin. I will personally vouch for there products and service. If anyone wants to know about them contact me, I’d love to show some pics or videos to ya!
— Derrick Grossman
Excellent steel from an excellent veteran-owned company! Great for helping to develop personal and competition skills, and SO MUCH FUN!
— Korey Cocking - A Girl and A Gun 2017
I am the owner of 37 PSR Gun Club in Bunnlevel NC just outside Fayetteville NC and Ft. Bragg. I bought the Mag Star Target system at the 2016 Shotshow. This target is beyond great. The construction is absolutely bullet proof. Not figurative speaking, I mean it literally. The customer service is great. We plan to be customers for as long as he is in business.
Just an update, as this is now 1 and half years later. The Red Stitch Tactical MAG Star target system is still in as good a shape as a year ago. As a commercial range we punish our targets and this is by far the best target built out there. The construction is beyond phenomenal, we do very little maintenance on this target as it does not require but a little. We now have the double Helix from Red Stitch and it is the by far the biggest hit we have added to our target array. when you combine the quality, the versatility and the customer service of this company it is stupid not to buy there products.
— Frankie McRae - Owner 37 PSR Gun Club
Just wanted to say thanks for sponsoring the Blue Ridge Mountain 3-gun. ALL of your targets worked perfectly and took a pounding in that match. High quality stuff!
— Bruce Davidson MD Hard Rock 3-Gun
Some of the best and most creative steel targets I’ve ever seen that will last a lifetime.
— Andrew Feldman - June 2017
Whether for practice or plinking, Red Stitch has an amazing variety of high quality, super durable steel targets and bases to choose from. No need to cry when you buy once, twice, three times even ... because pricing is just right. Darin is a stand up small business owner who takes pride in his work and goes the extra mile for his customers. Nothing but Red Stitch targets on my range!
— Don Bailey - April 2017
Their targets can take some abuse!! Over 200+ plus shooters banged tons of slugs, birdshot, pistol, and rifle rounds on a whole stage of targets at the blue ridge mountain 3 gun match! Not one looked worn,broken, scratched, or even pitted when it was over. The magnetic retention system for plates on the stars and other target systems is also way easier than your traditional spring type making reset way faster at matches.
— Garrison England - Oct 2016
Excellent steel. They take the abuse quite well. Buy with confidence.
— Chris Wiesemann - Oct 2016
Shot the BRM3G and had a blast shooting these targets, rugged and tough, innovative designs, the most well built steel targets I’ve seen!
— Matt Gundlach - Oct 2016
I have traveled down to Red Stitch to get my targets. The abuse they can take and show little wear is great. Support small business like Red Stitch, its what has made this country grrat!
— Jim Gleim - Dec 2016
These are some of the finest made and best functioning targets I have used. The company also generously supports the sport of 3 gun which is a huge bonus.
— Daniel Jirasek - Oct 2016
Innovative targets that work well. I am eager to add some of these to my gear. Thanks for supporting the Ladies at The Rock.
— Jim Cokonis Nov 2016