Four Plate Rifle Tree

Four Plate Rifle Tree


Our four plate rifle tree was borne from shooters wanting a long range dueling tree so we put 8" target plates on it and it is armored as standard.  this tree is intended as a longer range target for calibers above 5.56

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All of our standard Dueling Trees are built on the same design. We use a 3/8" AR550 shield  that telescopically slots into a tube steel base. When assembled the post leans forward at approx 20 degrees to aid in preventing the target plates from being trapped in the real position.  Target plates are bolted to a steel hinge assembly we weld between 3/4" solid round bar and a 3/8" steel plate. This allows for easier swing action and reduced chance of hinge failure.



3/8" AR550 Shield

Four 8" Target plates

No Tools needed for set up or tear down